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Every Occasion Shimmer Bombs

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Celebrate the good times with our Cotton Candy Shimmer Bombs

Each soft, uncolored puck of cotton candy is filled with colorful Prism Powder - an FDA approved, safe for consumption, edible glitter that is both tasteless and texture-free.

Our half cone of cotton candy, about a teaspoon of sugar, is freshly spun and filled with shimmer before being packed into a 2oz container. We then seal it to preserve taste, flavor, and its soft, cotton candy texture.

Drop it into your favorite glass, pour over any clear, bubbly liquid, and let the color and shimmer dance in your glass as you enjoy your celebration.

The cotton candy or strawberry sparkler add a light touch of flavor to your drink, but in no way overpowers the drinks original flavor.

Pair with champagne, sparkling water, lemon-lime soda, or sparkling white grape juice. Let us know what other drinks you come up with, we'd love to hear from you!

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